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The Genetic origin of the Saami people of Scandinavia

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    The Saami have always said they're native to Europe, and I believe this is relatively true. They spoke a different language than that of the Finno-Ugric category. The N3 haplogroup is native to North Siberia, and is not European in origin in anyway. U is a Franco-Cantiberian marker, very much similar to the ht15 marker that was Aurignacian. The late R1b1c and I1a of northern Germany and Scandinavia practiced reindeer herding (Bromme culture 12200 BCE - 9570BCE, etc.) long before the arrival of the N haplogroup, in the late Upper Paleolithic period. I would say that the reindeer herding culture of the Saami is Native European, but they have been heavily influenced by the late Central Siberian Finno-Ugric cultures. It appears this way to me. Either that, or the fact that Northern Eurasia in general was full of similar reindeer cultures during the Late Upper Paleolithic.


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      I do not know if this had been mentioned on here yet but I remember reading that the Kola Saami had haplogroup J2e at around 14%. I did not really expect to see that much J2 up there. I found it interesting anyways.

      Y-DNA: J2a*