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Geno vs FTDNA vs ISOGG Haplogroup

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  • Geno vs FTDNA vs ISOGG Haplogroup

    I've been trying to get my brain wrapped around my DNA test results as it relates to my haplogroup. I'm brand new to this. My first exposure was receiving a Geno 2.0 test kit for my birthday, so I haven't been studying the topic prior to getting the results. Upon receiving those results, I transferred them to FTDNA and the confusion began. Here's what i think I understand, and I want to see if I'm on the right track.
    • Geno 2.0 reports my haplogroup a R-Z270.
    • After the transfer, FTDNA reports my confirmed haplogroup as R-P310
    • R-Z270 is identified by ISOGG as experimental, so it hasn't been placed in the tree.
    • My assumption is that R-P310 is as close as FTDNA can get given the data transferred from Geno 2.0.
    • However, Geno reported positive test results for 355 SNPs.
    • Comparing the Geno results with the latest ISOGG tree, I do find Z220 on the tree. It is downstream of P312 -> DF27 ...
    • However, neither DF27 or Z220 appear on the FTDNA haplotree, so I'm again assuming that P310 was as close as FTDNA could get given their current tree.
    • But, does all this mean that I can assume my confirmed haplogroup is closer to Z220 than P310, based on the ISOGG tree? This would make me R1b1a2a1a2a1a.

    Thanks in advance for an insights anyone can provide.

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    Hi Rhyser,

    I missed something, how did your get from Z270 to Z220? Did Geno 2.0 list what SNPs were upstream of the terminal SNP they assigned you? In any case your Y matches at FTDNA will only be to the P310 level until they update their haplo tree.


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      Thanks for responding! Although I tried to be precise, I didn't do a very good job of it.

      Geno 2.0 identified me as Z270. Right now Z270 is under 'investigation' by ISOGG, so it doesn't yet have a place on their tree. However Geno 2.0 also reported I was Z220+ and Z220 was the most downstream SNP I could find on the ISOGG tree.

      However, Z270 is found on the morleydna experimental tree, and it is downstream of Z220.