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A statement on the Project

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  • A statement on the Project

    A statement on the Project

    went it was anounce i had my concerns more people and delays in testing and the like. But I have to say this is the best thing since sliced bread. It really helps project manager in getting a growth pattern in our projects
    coongrats max and bennett

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    I think it depends on what the goals of the project are. Mine is involved in genealogy not deep ancestry. The new member to my project from the Genographic project are not into genealogy. If we get a match it wonÂ’t mean much. A new member who joined for genealogy did get his results in a timely manner. However, I cannot get a final corrected reading on my own Y-DNA because they are to busy.


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      Despite all the protestations to the contrary, it certainly does seem that things are running more slowly sinc Genographic started. There are also a great many people posting here who are less informed on what DNA is all about, and Genographic does not seem to have provided a forum for those discussions in its own site.

      FTDNA clearly was founded for genealogy, not deep ancestry. It is not just a problem of occupying precious time. The databases here are skewed by the distribution of participants, so when they are used in an attempt to ascertain ethnic origins, they can be very misleading--this leads, in part, to the endless discussion of Jewish ancestry that you have mentioned elsewhere because of the overrepresentation of Ashkenazi Jews in the original database.

      I think that this forum was divided into subjects with the intent of separating discussions of genealogy from those of deep ancestry, but the two tend to flow together. I am not sure what the solution might be. But, I think you would be doing a service to both communities (genealogy and deep ancestry) to continue to point out these concerns and see if some separation of the two roles can be achieved.


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        To Dentate

        I appreciate the comment. I am not sure any one person can influence the course of this or any forum. I hate to inhibit anyone from expressing themselves. At the same time there does not seem to be much discussion here of DNA results and genealogy. So, I will just keep reading and see if I can learn anything. I am not disinterested in deep ancestry.

        I am totally involved in Y-DNA. The Meek group has some interesting results that require interpretation beyond the standard line FTDNA gives out. However, when I asked FTDNA the right questions it opened up a much more complex view of what all the number mean. I discovered the forum rather late and expected to find some discussion of the complexities of interpreting DNA results.

        I guess I need to take more initiative in starting those discussions. I just hope the audience is out there.


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          If you haven't already checked out
          do so. There are plenty of genealogists on this mailing list, and they go into great detail about Y-DNA testing results.