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    I took the genographic test and found out that I belong to haplogroup L2. Most of sub-saharan Africa belongs to this haplogroup. I have since learned that there are 4 subclades to this group: L2a through L2d. What I'd like to know is:

    How many/which tests do I need to take to narrow this down further? Sub-saharan Africa is pretty big, lol. I must say, I was expecting more defined results.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It does not seem that Genographic is going to give you more than that. There is a forum member on this site who goes by the name vraatyah who is an expert on mtDNA and if you post here your specific mutations, he can often give you more information. Beyond that, the entire mtDNA molecule can now be sequenced by FTDNA, but for big bucks. The original haplogroup and subclade designations were based on something called RFLP testing, not direct DNA sequencing, which is what FTDNA and Genographic are doing; so to assign you to a haplogroup they are trying to determine in which RFLP-defined group your mutations are known to occur. Sometimes, there can be more than one such group; and often, the segment sequenced by Genographic/FTDNA does not give enough information to specify a subgroup. If your entire molecule is sequenced then all of the RFLP sites would be identifiable and it would be possible to place you in one of the subclades you mention, if you have access to the right database. I am not aware of any company right now that is commercially offering RFLP testing. There are other companies getting into this business though, so be patient for now.


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        I don't know much but was told I am L2 also. What are your mutations? Maybe we can search together for more information on them.