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Upgrade transferred Geno 2.0

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  • Upgrade transferred Geno 2.0

    After you transfer your Geno 2.0 results to FTDNA, and you want to order other tests like Y-DNA or mtDNA, will FTDNA use the existing sample, since they used it for the Geno 2.0? Or, will participants need to do another sample?

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    My wife upgraded to a full mtDNA sequence using the Geno 2.0 sample.


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      Thanks. I suppose there is no reason why a man couldn't do the same, as well as a YDNA marker test. Did she order it through her myFTDNA account?


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        Yes, after she "transferred" her Geno 2.0 results to FTDNA (which didn't transfer $*%&), she ordered the FMS as an upgrade through her FTDNA account.


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          If it's any consolation, mine don't seem to have actually transferred, either - if they are supposed to display in any way, that is!


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            Scooter Cat, one more question: has your wife received her results from FTDNA, or if not, about how long has it been so far?

            I've just ordered mtDNA full sequence for my father, as well as Y-DNA 67, and am wondering if it will take another 6-8 weeks, or, since they have the sample from the Geno 2.0, how much that might possibly shorten the wait.



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              Mine: Ordered 12/2, Batched 12/5, Results expected 1/21
              Hers: Ordered 12/3, Batched 12/5, Results expected 1/21

              Both in Batch 493. Hoping to have results sooner. All my recent tests have come in before the expected date.


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                Thank you. I don't have batch numbers for my latest ordered tests, yet, so I guess I'll judge accordingly once I get those.