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  • Haplogroup V

    I just got my results in last night and I'm Haplogroup V. I know pretty much nothing about my heritage so this is sort of my starting point in research.

    My question is, where should I start? What further testing, if any, do you recommend?

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    I took 3 tests (Y-DNA, MTDNA, and Autosomal DNA). An addition, I also had my Paternal Grandmother take the MTDNA and Autosomal tests. I know my ancestral origins, however I imagine these tests would be of great help to someone who does not know their origins. The Y and MT DNA tests will test your direct Male And Female Lines (If you are female, you must find a male relative to take the Y-DNA test). The autosomal test will test all your ancestral lines. This test gives you your DNA percentage of 4 major ethnic origins: European, Asian, Native American, African. Additionally, you can give family members these tests as well to determine more Haplogroups (Y-DNA and MTDNA) and to verify results of your Autosomal Test. What helps too is if you match with other people on their Y and MT DNA tests. The people who you match can assist you by telling you of their known ethnic origins. This will give you an idea of your origins as well.
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      my mutation

      I only have only one mutation of 16298C. Does that provide any more information? Is it true the less mutations you have the younger your "line" is?


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        Originally posted by Bean
        I only have only one mutation of 16298C. Does that provide any more information? Is it true the less mutations you have the younger your "line" is?
        One good way of comparing your mutation/s is to join . You can find other people with the same mutation as yours. I can see that there are a few people with origins in Ireland and one person with origins in England that have your exact mutation. Check back once in awhile to see if more people with your mutation have listed their results and ethnic origin of their maternal line. You can have your HVR2 tested and if you match with others on that, it makes you even closer genetically to the person you match. Just because you match with someone does not mean that you have the same ethnic origin (i.e. Irish or English) as that person. It means that you share a common ancestor with that person somewhere in the past. It can 'suggest' that your ethnic origin is possibly Irish, English or whoever you match with a known ethnic origin, but from what I know, it cannot 'confirm' it.
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          thanks! I've noticed a lot of people have sub-groups of their main groups. Since V is such a small group does it have any sub-groups I could test for?


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            Not sure about that one. I mostly read up on the Haplogroups my family are associated with, V not being one of them. However, when doing a search based on Haplogroup in, it seems there are no subgroups for V that are an option. Someone better versed in Haplogroups should answer that question....


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              Haplogroup V has a very high frequencies among the Saami people maternal line, but is also seen in low frequences among European populations. Basques and Sardinians have higher peaks in the European populations.

              Its origin I have read is around Spain/France iceage refugia.