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    Is it possible to register more than one geno 2 kit under the same e-mail? Thanks!

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    No, each Geno2.0 kit needs a separate account & email addresses.

    Needing multiple email addresses can be a pain, but see my next post for some hints on how to make it less painful



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      Hints for setting up multiple email addresses without needing to log in and check each email account separately

      1) Forward your "additional" email accounts to your primary email address

      Some internet providers allow the creation of multiple email accounts. For example, Comcast allows customers to have up to 7 different email accounts.

      Another option is to create free email accounts using web-based providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

      Once you set up the additional accounts, you can configure those accounts to forward mail to your primary email address. That way, you only have to log in to your primary email account to check your mail -- anything sent to your other email addresses will be downloaded with your primary email.

      2) Create aliases that automatically route to the main email account

      Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo provide an "alias" option where you can create new email addresses that automatically are routed to the same email account. There's a different method of accomplishing this for each one:


      Create an email alias simply by appending +alias (where "alias" is whatever text you want) to the end of your regular gmail username.

      For example, if my Gmail account was [email protected] (it's not, so don't try to email me there! someone else has that account LOL), I could use the email address [email protected] for my brother's Geno2.0 account and Gmail would automatically route that to [email protected]. I could then also use [email protected] for my grandfather's Geno account and that will also be routed to [email protected]. I believe the use of the +alias notation is unlimited.

      Also, while not officially considered to be an "alias", here's another trick for Gmail that will work similarly:

      Gmail strips out dots in its email addresses!

      So I could use any of these email addresses and they'll all go to [email protected]:

      [email protected]
      [email protected]
      [email protected]
      [email protected]
      [email protected]
      [email protected]

      Basically you can separate the letters of your username with dots so that Genographic (and any other website) will view them as different email addresses, but Gmail will recognize them all as the same address and deliver them all to the same Gmail account.


      Hotmail allows the +alias notation like Gmail does. However, it also has another alias option where you can create a completely new email address that forwards to your regular hotmail account. You can create up to 5 email aliases per year, with a max of 15 aliases in total.

      More info:
      Hotmail delivers aliases to help you manage and secure your email account


      Well, this isn't officially an email "alias" but I'm including it here since it doesn't require you to set up forwarding. Yahoo will allow you to create ONE "extra email address" for your existing Yahoo account. So basically you'll have two email addresses that you can send & receive from in the same Yahoo mail account.

      More info:
      What is an extra email address and how do I set one up?


      Other email providers may also offer alias options -- try doing a Google search to see if there's info online for your provider, or contact them directly for ask if they offer this option.

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