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Cross-gender testing between family generations?

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  • Cross-gender testing between family generations?

    I am a female, and the mystery relative in our family happens to be my father's mother's father. I want to use DNA testing to learn something about my unknown great grandfather's ethnicity, but based on everything i have read on this website, i think I am out of luck bc the tests being offered here appear to only apply to strict paternal lines for men and strict maternal lines for women.

    Am i missing something or can i learn what i want to learn through DNA testing? PLease advise- thanks- Kathleen

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    Hi Kathleen. Yes, I believe you are correct in that getting yourself tested is not going to tell you about this particular ancestor of yours. However, if you can look through your family tree and locate any *direct* male descendants of his (ie his son's son's ... son's son) then they would be candidates to do a Y-DNA test that would reveal information about your great grandfather's paternal ancestry. If you can locate any *direct* female descendants of your great grandfather's mother, then they would be candidates for mtDNA testing ... I should clarify that for mtDNA testing it's okay to test a male descendant, provided that he's the only male in the line of descent from your great grandfather's mother.

    Good luck.

    - David.


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      Yes, you can go that route, or you can get an autosomal test that tells you of ancestry from all your lines of descent. This test may tell you possible ethnic origins such as Native American, Asian, African or European descent. You take this yourself and it tells you percentage of each: European, Asian, Native American, African. For instance, if you believe that your great grandfather is Native American, theoretically, your test should show up around 12%-13% Native American admixture. The test will not tell you if you inherited it from him, but it gives support to that claim.
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