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  • Image of handout on Geno 2.0

    There was a posting on the Genealogy-DNA Rootsweb list by Gary Miller, who attended the ASHG conference in San Francisco. His posting is at

    Gary attended the poster session on the new Geno 2.0 test. He was not allowed to photograph the poster. However, he did scan the handout on Geno 2.0 that was given to people who attended the session. You can see the image at his website -

    There are some interesting figures in the handout. Figure 1 shows a map with dots placed representing where the 450 populations are who are used as reference populations for the admixture analysis. It looks like good news for those with African ancestry. There are a good number of dots in West Africa and South Africa. This may give some good resolution for African admixture, better than other tests.

    The news is also good for those in the U.S. and Canada with possible Native American ancestry. Most of the dots that would relate to Native American populations are in Mexico and Central and South America. It looks like there are 6 dots in the continental U.S., including one in the southeast. That may be helpful to some with possible Cherokee ancestry.

    The other figure of interest for admixture analysis is Figure 4. It shows the ancestral components indicated by testing of 44 populations from around the world. The number of components is 9 - NorthEastAsian, Mediterranean, SouthAfrican, SouthWestAsian, NativeAmerican, Oceanian, SouthEastAsian, NorthernEuropean and SubsaharanAfrican. It's not clear whether those are the 9 components which will be used to report the admixture results of Geno 2.0 testers.
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