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geno 2 mtdna sublcade?

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  • geno 2 mtdna sublcade?

    will the geno2 allow to now my mtdna subclade? thanks

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    Yes, it should be able to determine your subclade quite precisely among known ones. However you won't be able to find out if you have a familial or private SNP or if you define a new subclade. For that you still need an FMS.


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      yes but I have no match with hvr1 and 2 so for that it would be useless wouldn't it?


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        Well, Geno 2.0 will define your mtdna subclade, but it won't give you any matches in the way that FTDNA does. Still, it should enable you to contact people who share the same subclade you do. Maybe you'll find some who haven't tested with FTDNA ?

        Of course the only real matches as far as Mtdna is concerned are FMS matches. This is the only way you have a chance to make a genealogical connection with someone (and even then it isn't sure you'll do)

        But anyway, knowing your subclade will at least give you information about your ancestry and its history (which is the main goal of the Geno 2.0 test)


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          yess and knowing my habits of buying everything even though I cannot aford it lol I know I will eventually buy the full mtdna but not now