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Wrong DYS# in project

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  • Wrong DYS# in project

    This may be a Max question. I recently have signed onto the Genographic project and one of the values are different from my FTDNA results. 389-2 on ftdna results value is 29, on the genographic project it says the value is 16...which is right? How can I change the results to the correct value on the genographic project? thank you,

    candace m. corthell

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    This issue has been addressed here repeatedly. It sometimes is helpful to look back at old topics. That being said, FTDNA and Genographic should also explain this, which they do not. Basically, 389-2 INCLUDES 389-1. FTDNA lists the total, while Genographic lists them separately. If you add Genographic's 389-1 and 389-2 totals you should get the FTDNA 389-2 number.


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      Actually we do explain. Once someone trasfers results to FTDNA, the confirmation e-mail has the explanation.
      The Genographic Project has it in one of their FAQ.
      Max Blankfeld
      Vice-President and COO @ Family Tree DNA
      A Gene by Gene Company


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        Thanks Max. This question was being asked constantly when Genographic started, but haven't seen it in some time now. Your email and the site must be working!


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          OK, I can't find any mention of the 389 issue elsewhere, and my genographic and FTDNA numbers are listed the same:
          389-1: 14
          389-2: 16
          Has the reporting format changed recently, or did my data import into here incorrectly?