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When and What will Genographic Database be like?

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  • When and What will Genographic Database be like?

    National Geographic's Genographic Project,will have a large database that participants can add their DNA results to,I'd like to know what it'll be like and when it'll be established,if anyone thinks they know. I can guess that it might be at the end of the study -in five years ,I think. I visited the site recently and they have interesting new updates about the Real Britons,plus other genetic stories ,one about how two different insects can make a new breed of insect,and how oppression increased the intelligence of Jews,and so on,... really interesting finds,though I didn't read all the stories,just the headlines-I didn't have the time. Jambalaia32

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    Searching the Genographic Database

    I asked the following question to the Anthrogenealogy
    Response Center. Their reply follows.

    Q: When is it expected to be possible to search this
    [Genographic] Global Database of Y chromosome and
    mtDNA results? Will there be one database for the
    Field Research component and another database for the
    Public Participation component?

    A: The results in the Genographic Project are not
    searchable, meaning that you will not be able to
    search their database, partly because all of the
    entries are anonymous. The field research component
    will be performing more extensive testing in some
    cases, and will be in a different database
    from the public participation database.

    However, all of the results will be integrated
    together when it comes to the research and
    interpretation of the results. The discoveries they
    make as a result of this will then be integrated into
    the information the public participants see on their


    I sincerely hope that the we will someday be able to
    compare haplotypes with the those collected by the
    Field Research. That way some people will have a
    better idea of who they share ancestry with. For
    example, an African-American might learn which ethnic
    group in Africa they share ancestry with. They could
    not say they are from or belong to that ethnic group,
    just that someone in that ethnic group has the same
    direct-line paternal ancestor as them. Or in the case
    of mtDNA, someone in that group has the same
    direct-line maternal ancestor.

    Sincerely, Peter

    Peter J. Roberts
    The Bahamas DNA Project


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      There is a database with African ethnic groups out there at They can give you the names of the groups they match you with. I do not know if they will take your mutations from FTDNA and compare them with their database or if you have to buy their MTDNA/Y-DNA kits. Likewise, there is a Native American Database out there that WILL take your mutations from other DNA testing companies like FTDNA and compare them to their Native American MTDNA database. They have the largest Native American Database around, with many tribes. They can tell you the tribes that you match with, its at
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        To breakwater70:When you get tested with FamilyTree THEY tell you exactly What you are,I mean that's what a DNA lab is for-for tracing ROOTS, ALL Y'ALL ROOTS as African-Americans like to say. FamilyTree HAS tests specifically for Native Americans,and many African-American Pygmies have been tested-I'm not sure where, but I saw them listed on a log of tested people. Consider: when a person gets their results back from FamilyTree,they may not necessarily be African or Indian, cause everyone isn't and if that's the case then looking through their database won't turn up results for your ANCESTORS if theys happens to be White. Besides I've heard of almost every DNA database and lab out there,so it ain't new to me-But Thanks For Telling Me. Jambalaia32 P.S. Maybe one day they'll have a big database for everyone and you can look up a contact and see their DNA for yourself. Ooh Yeah, results could be court admissible too! Just in case the Government wants to know if I'm an illegal terrorist or not! P.P.S. Are you mtDNA African or Indian? ME WEREN'T. How about chinese? is your granny? Mine? Nope,just asking.Nighty Nite ,sleep tight ,don't let the big bugs bite.


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          Genographic database

          To peterebay/ Mr. Roberts: Thank you for you good, informative, and professional response-they ought to have you work for National Geographic's Genographic Project because they need someone to answer questions, knowledgeably,like you do.I 'll probably say more later,but now it's late where I am, and I wanted to acknowledge your advise sooner rather than later. I don't want you to think I ignored you; actually my phone jack box broke,then I couldn't plug in the computer,my mother ranted and raved all weekend about it,called the phone company, and ranted that it would cost $125 to have the plastic box put back on.Then her brother called ,saying he'd go to Radio Shack,get a new box for only $3 and put it on,which he did after remembering how to connect the wires (I don't know where he learned to do that).He was a lifesaver! And now I'm able to log onto the Internet again! But for several days I could not and that's why I didn't respond promptly-but I didn't forget you! Jambalaia32


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            Oh, breakwater70 ,I remember you ! You're the Asia Dude-Do you like to surf? I kinda think of you guys as surfers-yulp, you really rule the waves. For a second I couldn't remember who you were.But now I remember that you wrote to me about SURNAMES,when I said my name wasn't my name all along,but most people ain't got the intelligence to figure it might be something else. And you wrote me telling me you're surname was from one place and your genes from another. Well, I guess that's probably true for a lot of people. Yes I remember you. I sorta forgot we wrote each other. Well Hang ten,Dude (hang ten is a surfing term) Jambalaia32 P.S. Hell,maybe your granny IS Chinese. ha ha. Cool


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              Jambalaia, My response was to Peter regarding the Database of african origins. You may have misunderstood, as I was not referring to your post. Familytreedna does not have an extensive African or Native American Database like the companies I had listed and . Yes, Familytreedna has SOME African groups and Native American Tribes listed, but no near the data that the other companies do. That is why I suggested the other companies. Sometimes, you have to go to other sources in order to get the information you are looking for. Familytreedna may not have that information you are looking for such as African Ethnic Group or Native American Tribe. Oh, and about the surname issue, I think you misunderstood my post. My male line comes from the Philippines and I have a Spanish Surname. But the spanish surname was not inherited genetically, it was chosen by my Filipino male ancestor probably in the 1700s or 1800s. and P.S..... I think you may be referring to Hawaiians/Polynesians regarding surfing.
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