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  • sub-clades of J2

    Does anybody know how can I define my sub-clade in the haplogroup? My haplotype is J2(M172) but I want to know if can get something more specific than that. Do I need to urgrade to 25 marker test?
    I come from South Eastern Europe (the Balkans) where J2 is very common but on the other hand my ancestors are supposed to have come from Central Asia where this haplogroup is very common too. So you understand my confusion - am I native to the Balkans or a newcomer?
    Any info or link will be highly appreciated.

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    See, Product 7.


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      Haplogroups J,J1 and J2 all originated in the Middle East near what is now Iran and Iraq. During the neolithic period, J2 began expansion westward towards the Mediterranian. (There was also a central Asian expansion to the east and northeast.) Part of the western expansion was in the Balkans and eastern Europe. The actual route has many possibilities including stops in Turkey, Canaan, Greece or Italy. I am not sure if FTDNA will have a subclade analysis. I believe there is one available at Ethnoancestry. You need an SNP analysis since a more refined STR analysis (e.g. a 25 marker analysis) is less informative about ancient history. Good luck.
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        Thank a lot to both of you. This webiste seems to be the thing I am looking for. BTW I had a SNP test done the Genographic Project. Still the info I got is only J2(M172+). The plus (+) I got when I trensefered my results to FTDNA.
        Does it mean anything? For example sub-clade J2* ?


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          I agree with everythign Josh has told you. Your STR haplotype may give a suggestion about ancestry, but for that purpose (as opposed to confirmation of common ancestry with someone of similar surname) the 12 marker haplotype probably is sufficient. FTDNA is not doing J2 subclade testing right now, but it has just become available at Ethnoancestry--and I am the VERY FIRST J subclade customer. They are nice folks, and their focus is really quite different from that of FTDNA. They are specifically interested in the kind of deep ancestry question that interests you.

          Addendum: No, the plus means that you are "positive" for that marker, i.e., it is present in you, which is what makes you a J2. It does not mean anything in terms of subclades within J2.