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Cousin has Nat Geo 1 resuts and I want him to cmoe to FTDNA

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  • Cousin has Nat Geo 1 resuts and I want him to cmoe to FTDNA

    I want to get a cousin with close DNA to mine here at FTDNA.

    He did the Nat Geo 1 test, and they used to have a link on their website where you could upload your results to FTDNA for free, but now it's not there and the site is all changed around.

    Does anybody know how I can tell him to do this? Link, please?



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    You might want to call FTDNA at (713) 868-1438 and ask them 8 to 5 Texas time Monday through Friday.

    I believe someone else asked the same question here within the last few months. You might look for their question to see what they were told.


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      The link to transfer from Genographic is still there.

      When you go to, look at the top right, and you'll see a menu option that says First-Phase Participants. Click there, then click Access Results underneath. That will bring you to the original Genographic login page.

      Log in to your account, then scroll to the very bottom of the results page, and click Learn More. That will start the transfer process.

      HOWEVER -- there's a technical glitch with the transfer process at the moment. FTDNA's IT department is working to correct it, and hopefully it'll be resolved within the next couple days. So try the transfer later this week. If you get an order form instead of info about transferring after you click Learn More, then the glitch hasn't been fixed yet and you'll need to wait a few more days.



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        Excellent, thanks! Neither he nor I are too computer savvy, so this is a great thing to cut and paste to him, thank you!!!