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New DNA/genealogy results on King Richard III

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  • New DNA/genealogy results on King Richard III

    Our King Richard III project (mtDNA J1c2c3) has reached a significant milestone with the publication of our work in England. 13 of the 20 perfect matches in the world are in FTDNA.

    The paper is available at:

    This brings the project to a level of National and International interest while, at the same time, the local genealogy (NE North Carolina and SE Virginia) has new paths to explore.

    The project results (some going beyond this first paper) are significant and include:

    1. An overwhelming piece of evidence for the bones of King Richard III
    2. J1c2c3 may have been born in England in the Plantagenet Family
    3. Why there are no J1c2c3 matches in Europe
    4. All living J1c2c3 people are likely to be related to the immediate family of King Richard III
    5. The DNA ancestry of the United States is heavily weighted to the Jamestown settlement and the Plantagenets.

    These 5 points are discussed in another research paper at:

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    As a member of The Richard III Society, England branch, I find this fascinating; and greatly appreciate your sharing this.

    Although there are some fancy and erroneous royal lineages for the MOTHER of Katherine de Roet, born 1350, there is no accepted and documented lineage for her mother to-date. Since Katherine's Father, Payn de Roet, was a mere knight, would he likely have been married to a royal, a Plantagenet.


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      Are you posting this announcement on other genetic genealogy sites? I could do that for you, with your permission of course.


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        Yes, please do share on any/all genetic genealogy sites. To solve the genealogy and other mysteries, we will need all the help we can get. My email address is in the paper. The only other sites I have posted to are 23andme (where we are hoping to find more J1c2c3 matches) and on a Richard III Society forum.

        Thanks so much for offering to help.