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Ancient DNA Analysis of 8000 B.C. Near Eastern Farmers Supports an Early Neolithic Pi

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    Originally posted by Baest View Post
    @1798 That is actually a good article explaining the tri-fold origins of modern day Europeans. A very good starting point for putting things together.
    Thanks but I see a problem with it.There is a huge gap of 38,000 years between the first peoples and the other waves. It shows no west to east movement either. I think that we still have a bit to go yet before we solve the puzzle.


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      Originally posted by Darren View Post
      Personal insults are not tolerated on the forum and action has been taken.

      Family Tree DNA

      Thanks and I do stand up for myself and others I see being treated badly. No worries about the "what sex I am" remark. I am sure he just can't handle a strong female , that is ok.

      Sounds like he has a lot of problems that do not belong here.

      Now maybe I can read that paper and ask questions if I have any.