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  • Family Finder helps solve mystery

    I was contacted not long ago my a person whose aunt matched me on Family Finder. She was trying to solve a difficult brick wall - an ancestor she couldn't connect to other families with that surname. She had a theory of which family he was from, but all the people doing serious research on that surname insisted that the person with her ancestor's name had died as a child, and that her theory was wrong.

    After I replied with my ancestry chart, she was excited to discover that the only possible connection was one that strongly confirmed her theory. Based on that confirmation, and leveraging off some new information I was able to provide her, she was able to find additional paper evidence that further confirmed the connection. Presented with all the evidence, both DNA and paper, other researchers of that surname have begun updating their websites, bringing the child once thought dead back to life, and tying her family into its proper place in the genealogy of that surname.

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    Neat! Thanks for sharing this.