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A really cool story involving FTDNA

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  • A really cool story involving FTDNA

    Not sure which forum topic this fits in! I regularly read the forum threads on DNA-Forums related to the N1c1 y-DNA haplogroup... a lot of good international camaraderie there! Anyway, just in the last 48 - 72 hours or so, the group went from one of the regulars, a guy from Kazakhstan, wanting to do the Walk-thru-the-Y but not having the money and it not being clear whether FTDNA was even doing those tests anymore, to a bunch of people on the list pooling the money, plus getting on the phone to CEO Bennett Greenspan who apparently approved the project and made a contribution himself. So now it's a done deal, and his test should be proceeding in the near future. Soon, perhaps we'll know whether the N hg spread from west to east or east to west - and related matters of interest!

    I think this speaks very well of FTDNA, and the genetic genealogy community as well.

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    Thanks, Dwight, for posting something we can all be happy about. As I mentioned in another post, Bennett was very gracious to take the time to personally answer some questions for me. I think both our stories are evidence of his generosity of spirit.