I went into this largely to verify my ethnic mix. In a nutshell, here are some positve results of my association with FamilyFinder:

(1) I was surprised how quickly Middle Eastern ancestry was verified -- through Population Finder but also my FF cousins.

(2) I was surprised at how cordial and helpful people who live in Scandinavia or who are North American residents of Scandinavian ancestry can be. One found my great-great grandmother's maiden name for me.

(3) We long suspected both Scottish and Finnish ancestry in our family -- and that has been verified over and over by FF cousins.

(4) FF cousins with either a southern U.S. colonial background (kin to my grandfather) and those of New England colonial background (kin to my grandmother) repeatedly show up on my FF cousins list -- along with ancestral names that match my grandparents' branches.

(5) I have yet to encounter a person who claims full French-Canadian ancestry on here, but my cousins list includes those of partial ancestral connection to New France.

(6) Communication with my FF cousins triggers something in me to do more regular genealogical research. Just yesterday, I searched for and found the gravesites of my great-great grandparents, who immigrated from Norway. Coincidentally, the gravesites were located in a cemetery just across the street from a school I once attended many years ago.

I believe I have been with FF for about a year now.