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  • Adoptee Finds Roots

    A few weeks ago a man joined my Barrett Surname Project. His Y-DNA matched that of a few members of the project. He was adopted at the age of two months, knew the place of his birth, the name and dates for his birth parents. With a few lucky breaks on census records his line moved from a birth father born in 1895 to an ancestor born in 1847 to a well documented line with an ancestor born in 1681 in England.

    I sure wish my line was traced back that far!

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    Congratulations on the success.

    PS: be careful what you wish for in tracing your family back that far to the 1600's. I have learned it can be a good thing not to be able to trace back that far. It spares you from all the damage your ancestors may have done in history. I can trace many back on my fathers side to the early 1600's 'The Puritans" . I was hoping for NPEs on this side of the family but so far no such luck, but there is still hope!


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      Be careful when tracing back adoptee's family, regardless of time. We found my husband's birth mother through other means, and it has been a disaster!