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Colombian Adoptee in search of missing siblings

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  • Colombian Adoptee in search of missing siblings

    Good morning all:

    Firstly, I'm elated to report that through FTDNA I found a probable 2nd cousin (perhaps 3rd cousin). That happened exactly one year ago. I had long since given up on finding any family - then after the FF cousin match I restarted once more the full fledge search. I subsequently found a BROTHER and a SISTER through Facebook (DNA confirmed). My own sister was actually on my FRIENDS LIST because I had translated her e-mails to our orphanage requesting the name of her mother. We had met via e-mail only through an adoption forum. She never shared the response with me so for five years she was just another Colombian Adoptee on my friends list. I was also not privy to any of her photos. Once I sent a mass e-mail out, she called me within seconds yelling at me for using her mother's name. She then made her photos available and low and behold, she had a 4 year old who could have been my twin at that age.

    I have met my brother, my sister and just came back from Colombia where I met my 2nd cousin's family and their children and grandchildren so it was quite interesting. I'm sharing this with the forum as I imagine everyone here is very interested in DNA, heritage etc. and may by some chance know a Colombian Adoptee, especially one born around 1975 and adopted from "La Casa de la Madre y el Nino" in Bogota, Colombia. While we actually have another younger potential sibling who was not adopted through that orhphanage (DNA test pending), we have evidence that we have at least one more sibling born around that year. We also may have up to 12 more siblings out there somewhere.

    I would kindly ask everyone in the forum to please share the websites below with everyone you know, especially Colombians (adopted or not). While we have in fact located the woman who placed all of us for adoption, we have strong evidence that she is actually our half-sister. She refuses to talk to us and has kept our believed father (her father as well) out of sight and hidden since we located her last year (he is 90 years old and very ill). Of the 300+ cases I know of, no Colombian family has ever been so hostile to the adopted kids coming back - in this case it seems she is desperately afraid that we are coming to look for money / inheritance since they are from a prominent family with significant wealth. We have tried in vain to tell her that we have no such interest.

    Thank you for your help. (including videos of reunions)

    Best Regards,

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    Wow! Congratulations!

    Great story. I wish you continued success.

    Nice photo, too.