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I really need someones Help!!

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  • I really need someones Help!!

    Hi, i am a freshman in highschool, and i am working on a paper for forensic science and i need some info that the stupid internet isnt giving me. My friend also needs help, but on Phychiatry she needs a big find that involves that. so ya. I, on the other hand need something a little easier to find, hopefully. i need to know some of the scientific concepts/theories and the impact that forensic science has had on society. i know that DNA testing hasnt been around that long, but if anyone can tell me how long that would be great. I am basically doing it on DNA testing, but hair & Fibers isnt a bad idea either. If any of you can help me, i would be really appreciative, and i need it by Monday, the 4th. THANKS A LOT!!! Ashlei

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    this page has info

    Discover your DNA story and unlock the secrets of your ancestry and genealogy with our Autosomal DNA, YDNA and mtDNA tests!

    you can find alot of answers on all of this check the library


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      forensics & psychology

      You might search the American Pychiatric Assoc. website. Since Forensics and psych are under the same umbrella to a degree, you should find all kinds of information there. Also consider looking into the job descriptions for forensic psychology and pick an area of psychology your friend is interested and search that type of job for information. Worth a try. Good luck.


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        Looks like some good links here...