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    I had the FF done and the first results had me as Orcadian, French then one and a half weeks later it changed to Orcadian and Middle eastern. I am I2b1 and the Orcadian does make a lot of sense, I also am descended from Turkish Ancestry and I have Documents to prove this and this definately makes sense now, My question is why and how does it change over a two week period? I was a little displeased with the first results but these are on track with my Tree. I also have documented NA ancestry that did not show up and it is from my Fathers Mothers side of the Family, why would it not show up?

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    That was my situation exactly!
    My understanding is that they are refining the population finder part of the test.

    See the thread about this I started, in response to the same quesition, on the Family Finder subforum:

    In my case, it's exciting but a mystery, since I don't know of anything besides Scottish and Slovenian in my family tree.



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      @Annie: Exactly my question, about the "laundry list" of reference groups from my Middle East ancestry. What, if anything, does the order reflect?

      Almost posted the question in the other thread I started about my own NA vs ME ancestry, but thought it might get buried there. I'm sure lots of us have this question. So I think I'll put it in a new thread over on Family Finder.



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        It's been mentioned on another thread that the order of populations listed is meaningless. You could be mostly Spanish but have Basque, French, and Spanish simply because it's in alphabetical order. Some populations don't appear in alpha order because they were added at later times, but originally it was ment to be alphabetical order.