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    That would be my suggestion too PDHOTLEN.
    To be proactive on the Sutton email list and related message boards!

    Many DNA participants are not nearly as active on their surname email lists and related message boards as they should be. Those email lists and related message boards are there for a purpose, to help you be able to share family tree information, and to help find cousins!

    From this link you will be able to find the surname and regional email lists and message boards.

    And from this link you can find the same type of surname message boards and regional message boards.

    I find that is the most common mistake for new DNA participants, to not be involved in their surname email lists and message boards.



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      By being involved in your surname email list and related message boards, you broaden your chances of finding a distantly related cousin, who then might consider being DNA tested.

      The more you put in to this, the more you get out of it!
      Being proactive in your family tree research and making contact with distantly related family members is what this is all about for many people.
      The more family contacts you make, the more potential DNA participants you can convince to join you in the DNA adventure.

      I also use Facebook as a means to help trace down living family members, and when I do find them and explain to them who I am and how I am related to them, they are stunned that I was able to find them!

      Having my family tree very well documented back 10 generations, allows me to be able to trace down living descendants from just about every branch of my tree. I am now in contact with 4th and 6th distantly related cousins, people I had never met or heard about before.

      So the more you put in to it, the more you get out of it.
      And having that network of many related cousins, can then help you convince a few to DNA test with you so you have a good match to start with. Really it is all about networking! You put time in on the email lists and message boards, maybe put time in on facebook or similar web site and don't be in the least shy about making contact with potential family members!

      The email lists and related message boards are there just for that purpose, so use them to your advantage!


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        Just wanted to say my Son is haplogroup 12b1 as well, we have NO matches at all on Y Search, and I am having terrible trouble getting on to SMGF.ORG I am registered, but it just will not let me near the database?!!!!!!!