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  • 100 year old search advanced

    Cooperative cousins and family finder worked together to help my family advance a search my grandfather started 100 years ago. Charles lost his mother Mary D. when he was a few months old. He moved to a different state to live with his father's mother and seldom saw his father, who died when he was ten. As a grown man he did not know anything of his mother's family until he went to a veterans meeting in Omaha and called D.'s from the phone book until he found his uncle.

    He found the D's had a two generation family history, Mary's father Henry D. and grandparents John D and Elizabeth T from Pennsylvania. The next generation worked on it, including my mother and some of her D. 2nd cousins. They found out a lot, but nothing of the parents of either John D or Elizabeth T.

    Then I started working on it with my third cousin, the daughter of one of my mother's partners in research. Among other things, I posted to various genealogy message boards and heard nothing for many years.

    Four of us cousins did the family finder test. I think that was important because it gave us the largest chance of matching with 5th or 6th cousins.

    This week I got an answer from my message board posting from a contemporary John D. He said his ancestor was our John D's brother, he thought, and their father was Valentine D.

    I went to the internet and presently found a Valentine D. His wife was an Elizabeth Tr. That rang a bell. My brother had a 5th or distant cousin family finder match with the surname Tr. And our 1st cousin had a 3rd to 5th match with a Tr. That was a bit of a puzzle because it was so close.

    So I emailed my family and the Tr. email on our matches. Wow. The Tr's have a project to catalog all the descendants of their ancestor Tr. and Elizabeth Tr. was one of his younger daughters. So they had the missing generations of the D's there too. With sources. Great traditional genealogy, supported by internet tools and tied together by genetics.

    We knew that Elizabeth T's mother was a Susan. My third cousin found a reference to Susan Tr's marriage to Henry T. Susan Tr. was an older daughter of the ancestral Tr. So John D and Elizabeth T were first cousins. Two sets of our great great great great great grandparents were the same people.

    So I and my third cousin got too few Tr. genes to match, my brother got just enough to match as 5th to distant, and my cousin got lots and matches as 3rd to 5th. The actual match is two times 5th once removed.

    Genetics, good family research, and internet sources all helped. Plus luck and patience.

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    Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations! What a testimony for all the doubters of genetic genealogy.


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      Very pleased for you John.


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        As an adoptee with few leads I too am beholdin to the kindness of strangers One of them is going to work out I just know it!