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Brick Wall Shattered - Delaware County Hawleys v2

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  • Brick Wall Shattered - Delaware County Hawleys v2

    Family legend had it that our earliest known ancestor came to Delaware County, NY after the revolution, married a widow Sprague and had a son named Harvey born in 1785. Family historians had concluded that we descended from the Joseph Hawley whose descendants formed The Society of the Hawley Family. That society sponsored a DNA project to help sort out family groups, so I took the test and the results ruled out any link with that Hawley line.

    However, I was a close match to David Holley, Richardson Allen and Terry Allen. The Allens claimed descent from George Allen of Sandwich, MA and a search for info on that early immigrant showed that his daughter, Rose, had married a Joseph Holly. That clue was the key to solving the mystery of our origins. A pretty solid paper trail now connects our ancestor, who came to Delaware County ca 1795, to Joseph Holly and Rose Allen who came to Massachusetts from England ca. 1634 and settled in Sandwich, MA.

    My Allen matches almost certainly descend from an orphaned Holly who was taken in by their Allen relatives, or some similar event. The two families were neighbors in 1711, and probably before that.

    These DNA tests helped shatter the brick wall that had frustrated family historians for many decades.

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    I have a friend who is an adoptee and I found his birth mother because she had an unusual name, Joan Rollande Hawley. While searching I found a HUGE public family tree on line. I don't know if this is your line, but Joan originally came from Weymouth, MA. If you Google her name, you should find the same tree. I printed it out and gave it to my friend so I don't have the exact name of the tree now but I think one of the names was Lemul. It was on Family Tree Maker. His Hawley ancestry was French, Scottish, Irish, English, and Nova Scotia.

    I live near Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod so your post caught my eye!