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Adoptee finds family

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  • Adoptee finds family

    Here's my story. I have always known I was adopted. As an adult finally got the courage to get my adoption files opened. Hired a Guardian Ad Litem, about a year later got my original birth certificate. My birth mother had died 6 months or so before I found her and no father was listed on the birth certificate. My birth mothers sister knew who my father probably was, but couldn't spell his last name. So, more searching and another couple of years later I find his obituary. I did contact his family and have found a friend in a cousin. So, long story short, we both had the Family Finder test done and it worked exactly the way it was supposed to work. My cousin and I were the exact match we had figured. I didn't think I would ever know for sure who my father was, but it has happened and now I have answers. Thanks so much.

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    Nice ending there, or should I say great beginning.

    Somber thoughts on the bio mom's passing, but how great that you have some bio family to add to your family.

    Good luck on tracing the family roots, if that is in your range of goals, now that it is possible.


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      Wonderful story thank you so much for sharing. I have hopes that the FF test will finally provide enough evidence on my paternal birth family to finally get the genealogical background I have been looking for.