I would like to take this opportunity to post my success story and to thank FTDNA for the work they are doing.
I was born June 22, 1951. My name on my original birth certificate was James Michael Mallett. I was adopted when I was about 4 years old and my last name was changed to “Hunter”. About twenty years ago I got interested in genealogy and wanted to learn just who I was. I did all the usual work that a genealogist does such as getting birth certificates, adoption papers, death certificates, census records, visited cemeteries hundreds of miles from my home and state archives, etc..Through all this I was able to determine that I descended from John Mallett, the Huguenot, who came to this country about 1694. Although I had the paper trail back to him there was always some doubt in my mind. I had a cousin who told me that by tracing your genealogy through your fathers line you could never be sure because of some extra marital affair. He said that the only thing that should count is through your mothers’ line. I guess at that time he had a point but that was before the advent of Y-DNA testing. To make a long story short, I discovered FTDNA and submitted a sample of my DNA. This John Mallett, that I descended from had four sons, David, John, Lewis and Peter. I am nine generations back to Peter. Two other descendents of John, who I had no knowledge of, also submitted their DNA, One from David and the other from Lewis. Each of us three is separated from the other two by 9 generations. I was the first to submit so I did not match anyone at first. I had to wait about three weeks before their results came back. To say the least, I was very anxious to find out their result. When they came back there was one step on one marker on the 25 marker test difference. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that I can say I am a MALLETT. the only way this could have been possible was through Y-DNA testing. I want to thank the hard working staff at FTDNA and ask all my fellow participants to be patient. I know that is very hard to do, but quality is better than quantity.

There has got to be some other success stories out there, So let’s hear them!

Mike Mallett