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New Scottish Cousin Discovered

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  • New Scottish Cousin Discovered

    My wife's first cousin is the last male of her father's family, or so we thought. Although he lives in Scotland, the ancestral home, I was able to convince him to test with FTDNA. His results just came back and lo and behold he has a 36/37 Y-DNA match with another male of the same surname in the FTDNA database. I have contacted this new cousin by email and then phone, and he is indeed my wife's second cousin, also living in Scotland.

    There are only 32 males in the surname project, so what are the odds that two of them turn out to be cousins? I think it is amazing that both made the decision independently to test with FTDNA, particularly from Scotland. If you can find a cousin among 179,000 Y-DNA members in the FTDNA database, imagine what will happen when there are millions!

    Skilly in the USA

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    Congratulations! Did you celebrate National Tartan Day yesterday?