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DNA Success after 80 years of searching

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  • DNA Success after 80 years of searching

    My mother's father was a mystery until we found a DNA connection.

    The family knew he was well educated, married before (1900) with one son. Also he was from French ancestry. My mother's father died in the 30's. We found a DNA match with a Grandson from his first marriage and a Grandson from his second.

    The father had changed the spelling of his name and was school teacher while living with his first wife. His father was from Belgium. The first family had the same details as we had on why he left his first family. There's more to this story..I can say a happy ending for the last 30 years searching on my part. All from a simple DNA test and that one perfect match!

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    What an amazing tool science can be in putting the pieces together. Congratulations on finding your grandfather's first family and getting to know more about his ancestry.