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DNA proved my husband was adopted!

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  • DNA proved my husband was adopted!

    Hi all, I wanted to share a success story, or at least I consider it one. I recently encouraged my husband to have his DNA tested. The reason, is because he was once told when he was much younger by a family friend that she remembered when he was adopted. He'd never been told that before and both parents had passed on years before.

    I joined to research his family tree, someone had him listed on their family tree. I contacted them because they had him as adopted. All the more reason to use FTDNA to find out if he and this 2nd cousin were related.

    His test results, a y-67DNA test, gave us all the info we needed. As it turns out, they are not related which confirms the adoption. His 2nd cousin is an I1, my husband is a E1b1b1 and both are Hicks from the same male line. At least now, he has answers even if it was not necessarily what he wanted to hear.

    I guess the next step is to have his adoption records unsealed if that is even possible. So, perhaps there is yet another success story, we'll see...

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    Your husbands story is truly amazing. Having said that he might me adopted didn't push
    you back in trying to confirm the issue. Also, feedbacks from other people didn't discourage
    you to do what you wanted to do. Its truly an inspiring story.
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