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45,000 years of Travel from North Africa through Europe

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  • 45,000 years of Travel from North Africa through Europe

    When I took my DNA test in 2003 it was to trace my maternal lines in Virginia. Over a period of twenty years I researched and documented my family history in the United States and Africa. I knew there were European roots, but did not know how high the percentage was. When I tested with Family Tree DNA, the results came back 87% European, 8% Native, 5%African. Since then I found DNA cousin all over Europe and the US (mostly in Southern States).

    My Virginia direct female ancestor, was Nancy Lewis, a Mulatto woman (b. 1780), the daughter of Charles (b. abt. 1750), and Susanna Lewis (b. abt. 1760). I traced Charles ancestry through John Lewis, who was born in Breconshire Wales, and came to America about 1695. In Wales the Lewis line is an ancient one (LLewelyn). My female line traces the same route, as it appears the Lewis were intermarrying. The lines trace to the Tudors, and the Llewelyn Royal families (on the male side). Elizabeth of York is on my straight female line, and is the mother of Henry VIII. In Virginia my family lines intersect with Margaret Warner-Washington, the grandmother of George Washington. Her mother was Elizabeth Lewis, another person of Welsh/English descent. What I learned about the Welsh is they trace ancestry through the males, and that made it difficult to trace the female lines. The English did not mind have Queens running things and were easier to trace my lines through.

    My female lines came through Monmouthshire Wales, while the male lines came through Breconshire. I like the fact that Family Tree DNA has a site which I can visit and see what is new. These lines go back about 45,000 years to North Africa, and is one of the oldest European lines

    Now that the results are in I am researching lines for others. This has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I have written two books, Pieces of the Quilt: The Mosaic of An African American Family, and Notes and Documents of Free Persons of Color (both available at I am also hosting a show on Blog Talk Radio called, Anita Talks Genealogy,

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    Hi Anita,

    I might be helpful to others to know which halpogroup you're in.

    Perhaps you could list it here or add your mitosearch ID to your profile or even to your blog.

    Thanks -

    U5b2 : mitosearch QM78H


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      Family Tree DNA doesn't do admixture tests.


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        They do now

        Familyfinders Autosomal testing....


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          Originally posted by barbara View Post
          Familyfinders Autosomal testing....
          FTDNA now has Family Finder, but they are still working on their Population Finder. As far as I know, no one has received their Population Finder or percentage/admixture results yet. People are still waiting for it.
          I haven't seen anyone post their PF results.