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Adoptee success story, sort of, I think

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  • Adoptee success story, sort of, I think

    Foreward – I apologize if this is longwinded – apparently I am very long winded.

    I was born 58 years ago at a Catholic home for unwed mothers in Chicago and adopted when I was 9 days old. Back in the 50’s the nuns tried to match the natural parents stated ethnicity with the adoptee parents ethnicity. The nuns told my (adoptive)parents that I was Irish, German and Dutch. Adoptive Mom was Irish and Dutch; adoptive dad was 100% Irish. Both sides of the family came over from Ireland in the 1830’s.

    Being adopted was never an issue – the family was large (72 first cousins) and the extended family was even larger. Dad and his next-younger brother have seven adopted children between them. And the seven of us are close. I was similar in height and coloring to the family. While I have had no desire to meet the biological, knowing the family names and understanding where certain features came from would be nice. I never thought I looked Irish – so it has always slightly bothered me – like an itch I could not get rid of. My main issue was ‘am I really Irish?’ I grew up in two predominately Irish neighborhoods and had a couple ‘off the boat’ baby sitters with full brogues and I do fall into the lilt on occasion.

    I got into DNA testing with the National Geographic study. That showed I was of West European descent, heavily leaning towards Northern France, Ireland and Spain. About a year later I discovered the link to Family Tree.

    After that’ it’s been 25, 37 and eventually 67. Along the way mtDNA and the deep subclades on the haplo stuff. I don’t claim to understand all of it.

    I’d get matches – 25 0 thru2, 37 3 and 4, and 67 5, 6 and 7. Wasn’t sure what to make of them.

    I also could not get ethnicity on the haplogroup – r1b1b2a1b4 – which is apparently the most common group.

    Never got a match on the mtDNA – T2, even with all the deep tests.

    A couple months ago a man who matched me in the 67 groups exchanged some e-mails with me. He was looking for relatives – being adopted I told him I could not help him. He did tell me that with my markers I was probably a descendent of some king from 4th century Ireland. I thanked him and forgot about the reference.

    Last week I checked out his website. He had a page called Clan of the Three Collas. He ran a study with 48 individuals who trace their families to these 4th century kings. A key identifier was a 425 null. What caught my eye was that about 1/3 of the surnames listed were showing up in my matches. There was a chart listing the average of 48 high member participants. I checked my markers against the list. I matched 64 out of 67 markers, including the null 425.

    So at this point I think I can say with great probability I have deep Irish roots.

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    may I ask what the surname is?

    thats great that you found this

    good luck


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      the adopted one is O'Toole


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        Originally posted by botoole60611 View Post
        the adopted one is O'Toole
        Oops. I meant the surname of the people you match..... the 1/3 people....


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          here are the surnames that were listed in the group that I got from the web site

          Maguire, Carroll, McDonald, McDaniel, McKenna, Biggins, Beggan, Beaghen, McMahon, Kelley, McAule, Duffy, Heany


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            That's good news that you found out you are Irish afterall.
            Are any of your matches also from Chicago?