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Success story with YDNA 67

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  • Jim Barrett

    Congratulations John. I assume you know the surname of her first husband. Was his surname the same as the match you have with the surname that isn't yours?

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    Guest started a topic Success story with YDNA 67

    Success story with YDNA 67

    After years of reseaching my Y line of my surname and finding many walls
    I had my DNA tested, and from the first test thru the last 67 tests I was
    consisitantly give a match with another Surname. I still found a connection
    thru my surname but learned after these test that my surname was that of my GGGG grandmother instead of her husbands family name. That's so far
    back that I can only surmise that her marriage in 1793 wasn't long lasting
    and I learned she had married a Williams later and raised her first son by her
    first marriage with her family name. and her son's decendents carried on her
    birth surname not knowing about the DNA being different.Its been a long
    search but informing. So that was my success in research. John in Ks