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My first success story.

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  • My first success story.

    After 2 years with my 12 marker DNA, have verified another branch of my family tree.

    In the Andrews project here at FTDNA, there are 2 of us Andrews (I am an Andrew and listed as RCAndrews) listed in Subgroup 8. My 12 markers matched 12/12 of the first 12 of 67 markers of the other (listed as RLAndrews).

    To make a long story short, Richard's (Dick) wife contacted me to share data for her Harrison and Solomon Andrews that I have as Harrison and Solomon Andrew. Harrison is my 3rd GGF and Solomon is my 2nd GGF Henry's brother.

    Although we can make the connection, the DNA confirmed it for both of us. Last month I upgraded to the 67 markers and patiently await those results so that I can see how many of 67 Dick and I match.

    My wife and I got to meet Dick and his wife in March and we can see the family resemblences.

    Of course, my goal with DNA is tear down the brick wall that I have with Cain Andrew, my 4th GGF (Harrison's father). For the past 18 years, I have yet to discover who Cain's parents and siblings are.

    I do know that Cain married his 1st cousin Rebecca Andrew and can go back 4more generations on her side.

    Hopefully one of these days, we'll get that answer with the help of DNA.

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    Congratulations! Don't be surprised if you don't have a 67/67 match when your results come back. I have a 33/37 match with a fourth cousin twice removed.


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      My first success story

      Have received my 67 markers upgrade results and I do match 67/67 markers with my 3c1r.

      Now if more Andrew/s would participate, maybe then I could tear down my brick wall for my 4th GGF...


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        I'm glad to hear that the match did hold up!


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          My first success story.


          I noticed that you also list your halotype as R1b1b2 (mine is too) and have a question for you.

          Would taking either the Y-DNA halogroup backbone SNP test or the R subclade SNP test help me identify/verify my ancestral land?

          Older relatives have stated that we are of Scottish descent and am wondering if these tests would help with that statement. Of course I am still researching that end via the paper trail.

          My 4th GGF Cain Andrew, who I can paper trail back to 1780 Maryland, has been my brick wall for +15 years now and am hoping that I find a DNA connection that will help me tear that wall down.

          Appreciate your comments.


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            My Haplogroup is the predicted value from FTDNA. I haven't had any SNP tests yet, for two reasons. The Haplotree has been growing so fast. You can get the deepest test offered by FTDNA today and before long deeper tests may come along. Right now you can be sure you are on the R1b1b2 limb. How much more would you know about your origin if you found out you were on the R1b1b2a1a4 twig rather than the R1b1b2a1b5 twig?

            I am more interested in where my paternal line was 400 years ago than where it was 1,000's of years ago. Of course it could have been the same place.

            I guess there are really three reasons. The last is my budget or maybe that is the first reason.

            You'll have to make your decision based on what you want to know.


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              SNP not necessary at all.

              First of all congrats on your match which is quite significant! I have yet to come close after 5 years of testing.

              Which leads to my response. I've had the snp test done and have no confidences as to any geography of my recent (within 500 years) genealogy. SNP testing for now, cannot reflect recent relationships. Anything that it does disclose is not within a genealogical timeframe, at least to my understanding. What we all need to have happen is for the database of str testing to increase.

              Consider yourself lucky to have established a match!


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                My first success story.


                Thank you both for your comments, appreciate them.

                And I patiently wait more Andrew/s to participate in the str testing in order to increase my odds of tearing that brick wall down.

                Guess that I will put the SNP testing on hold for now and give it a few more months to see if they discover more R1 subclades. The wait might even see the price for the test come down.

                The wait goes on...