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    I took the mtdna test with a Swiss genealogy company and they claim (although they didn't give me real proof), that I am related in pure maternal line to Queen Victoria of England, Napoleon Bonaparte, Maria Theresa of Austria and others . My haplogroup H1e1a. I also did Family Finder FTDNA testing and found a distant cousin who is of Stuart descent. With my family tree I could only get to my second great-grandmother in the maternal line, but I have very little information about her. So I have no idea how I can be connected to Queen Victoria, Napoleon Bonaparte etc. And at this point I don't know if I can consider these things a success. In fact, now I seem to have more questions than answers.

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    H1e1a is about 6000 years old. Presumably your connection to Queen Victoria etc is more recent than that, but it still might be a very long time ago.

    I would call H1e1a a partially refined haplogroup. If you really want to study your mtDNA, you need to do the Full mtDNA (which happens to be on Mother's Day sale). H1e1a has 9 subclades below it and there is about 70% chance according to current FTDNA stats, that you would move downstream one (maybe two) levels.

    "And at this point I don't know if I can consider these things a success."
    Connecting yourself to famous people via mtDNA is not a pragmatic approach, particularly if the mtDNA is not fully analyzed.

    "In fact, now I seem to have more questions than answers." Sounds right.

    Just curious, what Swiss testing did you use?

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      Good morning, I took the test with IGENEA, but I also took Full Mtdna with Family Tree DNA, I just don't know much about it. I signed up for various projects here on FamilyTreeDna. I also asked to join the Royalty project but they didn't accept my request to join.


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        At FTDNA, about 30% of H1e1a people are exactly that. They do not go down another level. And I suppose you are in the 30%.

        I dont really see that you are related to either Napoleon or Victoria via mtDNA. Napoleon is reported to be H15a1b and Victoria as H. Maria Theresa is H3s.
        Famous people's mtDNA listed by haplogroup - Eupedia

        A distant cousin who is a Stuart is a step in the right direction. You need a second match, who is also a known Stuart to match both of you on the exact same region and chromosome. The segment should be at least 20 cM and not located in a pile-up region. It is not an easy task to get all of these ducks in a row, although this triangulation can be done


        Thanks, I had forgotten about IGENEA.


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          I also uploaded my data to and there my haplogroup is no longer H1e1a but H1e1a10a2. What this means I have no idea. Regarding the Famous-gene test done with IGENEA, they insist that in pure maternal line I am related to Queen Victoria, Napoleon and others.


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            YFull might be right about the mtDNA. FTDNA is a little behind on mtDNA, but supposedly they are working on updating their mtDNA analysis. Some people have speculated that the updating might occur later this year, perhaps at the Nov FTDNA conference.

            I am having a hard time accepting IGENEA's Famous interpretations. All you have in common with the famous people is mtDNA haplgroup H.
            The haplogroup H is 20,000 or more years old. Suggesting you are matrilineally related to the Victoria etc is technically correct, but only in the very broadest way.

            Other sites have also implied relationships to famous people based upon Y and mtDNA haplogroups. This is bordering on the infotainment side. I think FTDNA generally does not, although at one point they were assigning Niall badges for some YDNA testers.


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              on Gedmatch I matched with a man who is descended from the Wolf of Badenoch.


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                The Woff of Badenoch was a Stewart from Scotland and I think that family is well documented. And the Y line has been extensively tested.
                STEWART (royal) - DNA Results | FamilyTreeDNA

                Autosomally, it would be unlikely to confirm a genetic match back to the 1300s.


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                  On Family Tree DNA I matched on HVR1 with a gentleman with surname Stuart and autosomal matched with a gentleman with surname Stewart, who is my 4th cousin. I wrote them an email. I am waiting for their reply.