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McManus O’Conor reunited in Kilronan Parish

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  • McManus O’Conor reunited in Kilronan Parish

    It has long been the belief that the name McManus in the Parish of Kilronan, North Roscommon, Ireland, is mutually inclusive with the name O’Conor in the royal line of Kings of Ireland and Connaught. See a paper I wrote some time ago at:

    Turlough Mor O'Conor was the 48th King of Connaught and the 181st elected Monarch of all Ireland in 1136. After fifty years reign, twenty as High King of Ireland, he died in 1156. Turlough Mor O'Conor had several wives and eighteen sons (Annals of the Four Masters). The McManus’ descend from his son, Maghnus. The old annals tell us that the family of Maghnus, the son of King Turlogh O’Conor, were given land which equates with the modern-day parish of Kilronan, Roscommon and they adopted the surname, McManus.

    The Big Y 700 results at Family Tree DNA are just in for McManus Kit H1547 and the result is clear - Haplogroup R-FT 194071. Two of the four testers in this haplogroup have clear evidence of family origins in the Parish of Kilronan, North Roscommon, Ireland so the haplogroup provides a good template for those who test as this haplogroup and were unaware of the geographical location in Ireland of their emigrant ancestors.

    Of course this doesn’t preclude other very closely matched McManus’ from historic origins in Kilronan, it simply gives our project a good template for future testers which associates the parish with a haplogroup. Testers in the subgroup ‘Descendants of Maghnus Miogharan O’Conor……’ of the ‘McManus Project’ are all very closely matched and it is reasonable that all can assume the connection to Kilronan. These McManus testers also match very closely with the O’Conor Don Royal tester at Family Tree DNA. Maghnus O’Conor was also half brother of the last King of Ireland, Rory O’Conor.