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  • An Unexpected Breakthrough

    For quite awhile I've been researching my mother's grandfather, Charles Gregory Sutton, and thought I'd pretty well pegged who his parents were. Then came DNA testing and I've found out that I was very wrong.

    I did the autosomal DNA test at Ancestry and FTDNA. I've found the results of my Ancestry test to be very interesting. As I said, I'd thought I'd found my great grandfather's father. My Sutton line goes back from Rachael Melvina Sutton daughter of Charles Gregory Sutton, born 1838 in Ohio. Many of the Ancestry trees had Charles G. as the son on Henry and Laurinda Sackett Sutton who lived in Huron Co. Ohio and had a Charles Sutton. However, DNA shows that that Charles wasn't my Charles.

    My DNA test, along with the DNA tests of my first cousins, have revealed a connection to a Benjamin and Jemima Van Wart Sutton. I have no DNA matches to any descendant of Henry and Laurinda Sutton, but well over 80 to the sons and daughters of Benjamin and Jemima Sutton. I even had some matches showing Van Wart connections before Ancestry changed how they were going to list shared DNA matches. Now my first cousins and I, who are all descendants of Rachel M Sutton need to figure out is which of Benjamin Sutton's boys is our great great grandfather. It seems to be a strong possibility that it is Nehemiah Sutton, as he lived in Ohio for awhile at the right time, and moved to Texas and died there. Charles Gregory Sutton also moved to Texas about the same time. And Nehemiah's descendants that I match to seem to share a larger portion of DNA cM over more segments than those matches who descend from his siblings.

    My cousins and I are currently trying to organize our info on our shared Sutton matches to establish and confirm a paternal relationship between Nehemiah or one of his brothers and Charles Gregory Sutton.

    I should mention that I'm sharing matches with some of Charles Gregory Sutton's other children, but none of the other descendants of Henry and Luarinda who have taken the DNA test. Ancestry has a program called ThruLines and it can very neatly place people who have some information on their tree with other shared DNA matches.
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    ThruLines is based entirely on the trees of your matches, not on facts. If there is an error in the trees there can be an error in the information provided by ThruLines. It is up to you to verify any information presented by ThruLines. It can be very helpful, just be very careful.


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      Thanks for the comment, Jim. I'm trying very hard to back up what ThruLines is telling me with records showing what is actually going on. Much of what I started with on the Benjamin and Jamima Van Wart Sutton family has been compiled by Dr. Richard L Johnson in a couple of books on different Sutton Lines. What I've done is create a floating branch using this info as a starting point and compiling a series of records to confirm what was in the books, even past the points where the books left off. One of the books was sent to me by a descendant of Benjamin and Jamima Sutton as I have him as a DNA match.

      How this all came about was that I'd run into information on Benjamin and Jamima Sutton in trying to match someone who was showing up as a 3rd cousin with 99cm across 6 segments. She had a Sutton on her tree linked to B and J Sutton, so I started looking into them. The more of their tree that developed the more I was able to link to people who shared DNA with my 3rd cousin match. And so one of my 1st cousins down the Sutton line linked her tree to Nehemiah and so back to Benjamin. His Thru line came up with over 80 DNA matches. All of which I am trying to document.