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  • Gaskill success!

    I saw a post on by Larry Gaskill mentioning that he was going to submit a sample to FTDNA for testing. After seeing Larry's post I sent in my cheek scraping for the test as well.

    We have a perfect Y chromosome match.

    Josiah Gaskill b 1711 is our common ancestor.

    I know that is what we should expect but it is strangely satisfying to see my family tree confirmed by DNA back to 1711.

    Now I am going to try and find some living male Gaskills descended from higher up on the tree who are not descended from Josiah Gaskill.

    This may eventually answer the question "Where are the Gaskill's from?" Are we from "Goose Hill" in England, are we Hugenots from Gascony? Are we Gascoignes, Gaskins, Gaskells, or something else?

    There is very little French in our national origins data. We are mostly English, Scottish, and Irish.

    If anyone knows other male Gaskill's who would like to particiate please point them to Family Tree DNA.

    I am especially interested in English Gaskills who might be interested in DNA genealogy.

    Searching in paper records like census data, births and deaths, and legal records is interesting and gives a glimpse of what our ancestors lives were like. After my experience with Family Tree DNA I must say that searching paper does not compare with actually searching "between the sheets".