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Solved 89 year old mystery for my mom.

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  • Solved 89 year old mystery for my mom.

    My mother's father left when she was 2 years old (1929). We knew his name, but his last name was "Jones" from Kentucky. Genealogy (paper) was not working. I was trying in the 1990's. Saw the DNA thing, thought I would try it. Sent in her kit to FTDNA, and 1 to another company. In Feb 2017, got a message from a lady said "you show as a 2nd cousin, who the heck are you?" Mom always thought her dad had a family after her's. This lady sent her dads, name, her grandmothers's name, and her grandfather's name. BINGO! Same guy. Turned out, that family was in 1921, before my mom.
    We had lots of phone calls and e-mails, then mom said she wanted to fly across the US and meet them.
    I got to meet a first cousin, and his family. He said he met "Mr Jones" in the late 40's or early 50's. Said he thought the guy was living in Florida at that time. Did more genealogy and found a suspect guy that had died in 1955. Found a "Find a grave" site for him, posted by his granddaughter. After some e-mails and calls, she took a DNA test and it was a match.
    So, using that info, mom requested his military records. It named his first family, named a 2nd wife, and named a 4th wife.

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    Congratulations! That is a great success story. I'm so glad for your mother, and you, that the DNA helped to solve the mystery.


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      Wow that's impressive. Very pleased for you.


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        Congratulations - a great success story


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          Great story