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Whatever the outcome, this will still be a success story :)

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    Hi Kathleen! My SPRINGERs are actually doing really well, we have about 20 in the same group my dad is in, of course if we didn't actively go after who we thought might match we wouldn't have most of those. I'm waiting for Dad's L22 now.

    DH is another story. I've been waiting for his deep snp for ages, he's in batch 266.

    I have some of those with no matches, too, my STANSBURY cousin, and my husband's POORMAN cousin. Poor guys are all alone.

    And I haven't gotten any of my lines over the Atlantic. I'm stuck in the colonies. If I could gain about 30 years back, and have a few hundred thousand dollars just for DNA testing I'd work on some of my other lines. RINEHART and DOWLIN would be fun but I couldn't get anyone to test. Ugh, too many to think of now. I barely have enough time to work on SPRINGER.

    take care



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      Springer in Deutschland

      When I was stationed in Germany (Cold War era), there was a big, almost monopoly, called Springer Verlag (Press). The name of the mogul at the top was Springer. Maybe that publishing house is still going strong?

      U5b2 & R1a1


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        I'm pretty sure it is. Seems not too long ago I saw an article on their corporatation. We have several 'German' SPRINGER lines of different origins. All in the USA, though, I haven't been successful in getting any European/non-NorthAmerican participants yet (except for our one Swede but we 'knew' him prior to his testing and specifically asked him to test).