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Whatever the outcome, this will still be a success story :)

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  • vineviz
    Originally posted by melissa
    Cripe, that was loooooong! Sorry
    But it was interesting, so no complaints from me.

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  • melissa
    Cripe, that was loooooong! Sorry

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  • Whatever the outcome, this will still be a success story :)

    I'm currently waiting for a 12 marker test (kit A) in our SPRINGER project. I have a very good feeling that this is going to match the I1a-N group that my dad is in. BUT there are many people in the same line as this kit A who feel it really belongs in the same group as a certain R1b group in our project.

    It look me about a year to find someone from this line to test, for some reason I just couldn't find the right person who'd agree to test, and/or someone told everyone in this particular line to run and hide when they saw me coming their way.

    This may not sound so exciting, but I have lived and breathed this DNA testing since I first read the post by our administrator a couple of years ago. He was promoting some weird DNA testing thing, sort of expensive and what the heck would it prove? If one were to go on Ancestry and look at all the SPRINGER trees online, one would soon see that most everyone and their uncle claimed descendency from Christopher Springer, a 'German' who moved to Sweden and d. there c1669.

    When I first started doing gen on line and posted some info, I was told 'Welcome, descendent of Christopher Springer of Sweden!' And soon saw that almost everyone I corresponded with stated they also descended from Christopher. After a short time I came to the realization that we can't ALL be descended from one line of SPRINGERs. I guess I became one of the doubters, one of the party poopers, and found out there were quite a few others. But who were the real 'children of Christopher'?

    So next I found a distant cousin of my mother's Springer line that came from SC. Pretty far from New Jersey where my father's Springer line comes from. Long chapter short, we now have several NJ-line men with 37/37 matches to a couple of SC-line men. No paper trail of course. *Argh! We don need no stinkin papers!*

    OK, so that still didn't have anything to do with who were the real descendents of Christopher. Could I be? I started hearing stories about a Dennis Springer who in 1667 CT married a Mary Hudson. He was said to be from Ireland.

    Some of the NJ lines (not one I connect to via paper but do via DNA) claimed this couple was their line, and they had a few 'Hudson Springer's to semi prove it. And now came these SC Springers, and wouldn't you know, they have a bunch of Dennis Springers mixed in the sons of all the suspected brothers. No Dennis in my NJ line, and no Hudson in my SC line.

    I started to believe both lines of mine, my father's and my mother's, were really from Dennis Springer and Mary Hudson of CT. I started thinking all Dennis Springers must be related. Long chapter short, we came up with a line WITH an early Dennis who is NOT related to our NJ and SC lines. Balderdash! My theory is disproven.

    So here comes this new kit A 12 marker test. It is for a descendent of Dennis Springer who was born in NJ c1712 but moved to VA very early and has many many documented descendents today. His parentage is unknown, but many claim him to be a descendent of Christopher Springer of Sweden, by his son Charles who settled in early DE, right across the river from NJ. A few others believe his line to be that of Dennis Springer of CT and his wife, Mary Hudson.

    Is it going to match the same group my parents both come from, the I1a-N line? Or is it going to match the German R1b line that moved to Sweden and had one son come to America? Or is it going to match one of the other 8 SPRINGER lines in our project or be an entirely new line??

    Stay tuned...

    *come on batch 161!*