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  • Finding biological father

    Hi Everyone,

    I've read so many success stories and testimonies here and I must say they are all very inspiring.

    If some of you could give me some hints or ideas, I believe I could also have a success story to share in the near future.

    At the moment, I'm trying to help a genetic cousin, who happens to be very close to my family. This female DNA match was not adopted. But, you will understand why, I'm writing here.

    In order to protect her privacy I will call her “Betty”.

    Betty is 62 years old. She always thought she was German on her father side and English on her mother's family. Her mother died when she was only 6 years old. A couple of months ago, her father told her he was not very sure if he was her biological father. This kind of information took her by surprise and she decided to take a DNA test. She has some paternal cousins who have been tested previously. So, it was easy to confirm whether her father was right or not. And the answer is yes, he was right. She is not related to any of her father's nephews and nieces. It definitely confirmed she was born as a result of an extramarital relationship.

    On FamilyTreeDNA, Betty's:

    West and Central Europe 48%
    East Europe 34%
    British Isles 18%

    On 23andMe, Betty's:

    British and Irish 39%
    Eastern European (Poland) 27%
    French and German 12%
    Broadly Northwestern European 10%
    Broadly European 5%
    Iberian 3 % (she has a great-grandfather on her mother's side who was Spaniard, so it may not be a noise)
    Broadly Southern European 3% (she has a great-grandfatjer on her mother's side who was Spaniard, so it may not be a noise)

    Well, that's the part my family and I come in. We are Poles. Everything indicates Betty is related to us on her unknown biological father side, who was probably fully or mainly Polish. I have one of my great-grandmothers tested by FTDNA. And Betty is predicted to her as a 2nd-3d cousin. They share a total amount of 239 cM and the longest block is 33 cM.

    I'm really willing to help Betty to find out who her father was and who he was in our family tree, but I have no clue on how to do it, neither does she. Especially, because I'm Polish. She has no one to run to for help in the United States. That's the reason, I'm writing here on the Forum, to know if some of you could give us some precious hints and clues that could lead us to her biological father.

    I'm adding below some additional information:

    On 23andMe, Betty has a male DNA match who is predicted as a 2nd cousin. He's half English, half Polish. He has some other relatives from the Polish side related to Betty. So, the connection between them is really from the Polish ancestry.They share a total amount of 320 cM, longest block 37.48 cM. Curiously, this man doesn't match with my great-grandmother nor with anyone from our side. Based on this, can I assume one of Betty's paternal grandparents is related to this man and that the other to our side? That would mean that, both of her paternal grandparents were Polish, wouldn't it?

    Betty's mother was born, lived almost all her life and died in Port Arthur, Jefferson County, Texas. Accept for a period of 1 to 3 years, when her mother lived in Long Beach and San Diego, California, where Betty was born. Is there any kind of source we could check looking for neighbors or any kind of data base, to determine if there was a Polish family close to where her mother lived? Maybe, if I could find any of our surnames in her surrounding area it could be a clue?

    According to 23andMe, Betty's matches top states are (locations of DNA Relatives):

    1- California 80
    2- Texas 70
    3- Florida 40

    Any information, hint, indication or insight will be very much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.


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    I would think that she could look at the Polish matches that she currently has based on their names - or any Eastern European sounding names & compile a list of surnames based upon that list. Look at where her mom lived during those few years and find her in the Directory. See if she lived in a College town. Maybe this person was here from Poland teaching at the University or here briefly for some kind of Fellowship? Not sure what years we are talking. Try and look that way. And build a tree backwards starting with your great-grandmother. If she is a 3rd cousin you may be able to trace forward to this woman’s grandfather or grandmother which would help solve this.

    That’s how I would do it. 🤓