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87 year old has 346 living descendants

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  • 87 year old has 346 living descendants

    I read we will get the most matches from the ancestors who had the most, or many children. This is proving to be true in my experience. And, of course, in past times, some ancestors who had many children also had many offspring who did not live to be adults and child-producing.

    Anyone who is related to this man should hit the jackpot.
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    Looks like his children did their part, too.



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      If some researcher could adopt this family as a genetics genealogy project, think of the possibilities in following actual recombination, assortment of chromosomes, and mutations, in such a large kindred! However, even if that were done, the study would still fall into the category of "anecdotal evidence". Many more very large kindreds would be needed to reach robust conclusions about the degree of variation in these processes occurring in real families.