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30 + years of searching-solved through dna

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  • 30 + years of searching-solved through dna

    I had been searching for my husband's great great grandfather for over 30 years. All leads were dead ends. His great grandfather married in 1889 had a child (my husband's grandfather) and by 1900 his wife was married to someone else and had a daughter that was four years old. I thought he had died but found no proof. I thought he might have divorced, but all the probate records from that period had been destroyed by fire. I could find nothing more about him. I bought the family finder test for my husband and after a couple of years, a match appeared that shared 147 centimorgans with him, the largest 65. I emailed his son and then we talked on the phone trying to find out who their common ancestor was. We started with Smith. I mentioned his great grand father had been married in Dallas County, Mo. He said his great great grandfather had died in Dallas County during the same time frame. After further investigation, I found out that my husband's great grand father had divorced, married someone else in another county, and moved westward to Oregon. I not only found out where he was buried and about his new family, but I found his great great grandfather and his great great grand mother and his great great great grandfather and great great great grandmother. The matching person was a 3rd cousin and he had all the information about Bob's great grandfather and his siblings. So from this one match, we found two more generations plus 8 siblings and answered the mystery we had been searching for, for years. All because of the family finder dna test.

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    That's a wonderful result! Congratulations.


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      That's awesome. Congratulations!


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        Thank You. One brick wall smashed. Many others to go. LOL!!!!