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  • Found Fathers For Two Matches

    This has been an interesting week!!! I know there are people and groups who specialize in finding people's parents, but I'm not one of them. It just happened. I found fathers for 2 ladies this week, one at 23andMe and one at Ancestry.

    Both were close matches to my mother and both turned out to be descendants of her great-grandfather. The one at 23andMe was easy, but unfortunately once we had identified her father, she ignored all subsequent messages from me. Obviously not interested in investigating more distant ancestry.

    The match at Ancestry took a little longer, but what I discovered was that 11 of 13 matches Mom and the lady share are descendants of Mom's 2nd great-grandfather. I can't tell about the other 2 because they don't have enough info to even get a start on their trees. I had to create trees for 3 of them, and for one of those, I had only her name. I think they would be a bit astonished.

    The new cousin at Ancestry is very friendly and has purchased a Family Finder kit. Her father died in 1973 so she's trying to find out if she has any living siblings.

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    Many congrats on your success in helping these people :-) it's great to see someone helping others just because they are nice enough to do so :-)

    If you fancy helping me find my bio father too please message me on here