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Haplogroup L3d traced to 1700 Falu Ancestor

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  • Haplogroup L3d traced to 1700 Falu Ancestor

    Hi,My name is Ingrid Carretero Claussell and I found out on June 1st that I am in Haplogroup L3d. My family is from Puerto Rico. It took me an hour to make sense of the information I got but I matched with 11 people (HRV1) which means that we share a common maternal ancestor within the last 52 or so generations. But that's cool because one aspect of our culture that I love is the warm acceptance of family, even distant, distant cousins. I actually chatted with one who lives in the UK but is from Barbados and I realized that I had some info about my maternal ancestors that other people might want to know. Especially if you are Puerto Rican and are in Haplogroup L3d or a similar group. I did my "Maternal Tree" three years ago exactly with help of course! And I have the baptismal certificates of every woman in my direct maternal lineage going back to 1782 in Puerto Rico. The last woman that I found is my great great grandmother's...great grandmother. La bisabuela de MI tatarabuela! Her name was Maria de la Paz Falu born approximately 1782. There is a famous woman, Dr. Marlin Falu from PR who traced her ancestors, the Falu's to the Fallous tribe in Senegal, Africa. Ingrid

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    What a great story, Ingrid! If ya'll don't stop with these great mtDNA stories, I am going to have to fork over the dough and do my own