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  • Cousins confirmed

    So, this might not be the awe inspiring story of a person finding his/her biological parents or something like that, but I was able to confirm some relationships through DNA testing.

    I live in Mexico City and I have I traced my genealogy back to the 1760s in most of the branches. All of those ancestors lived in Central Mexico. I found a couple of people that share ancestors with me, one in 1811 and another one in 1765. I found that one of them had already done DNA testing. I ordered a DNA test for the other one. I match both of them right at the range it supposed to be in our family tree. Now we can be more sure that our research is correct and that there were no illegitimate children or non-reported adoptions.

    I also ordered a DNA test for my maternal grandma, and we match exactly as we are supposed to match. Now I'm waiting for test results for my wife and paternal grandma.

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    Often it's as good to confirm cousins you knew about as it is to discover new cousins!


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      Yes, when you find an unsuspected cousin and there is no other explanation other than that your pedigree and the cousin's are correct, that's an important result! Confirming the paper trail for both of you is excellent.