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    Originally posted by keigh View Post
    And as to the amount a person can expect to have showing on the ethnic results, that too, is something that can't be called exactly due to the way DNA is inherited. The only time you get an exact amount of DNA from someone is when you get your 50% from each parent. Your parents don't hand on an exact 25% from each grandparent, and 12.5% from each great grandparent. My brother and I also don't share an exact ethnic estimate either. Don't worry too much about the ethnic results, unless something really unusual shows up. Like a large percentage from a continent that you weren't expecting at all.
    This is why I drew pause in the first place. The tester gets over 50% middle eastern dna when they should be getting none. Now I know with ancient migrations and the like, it isn't odd to have some admixture with the Middle East, but over half just makes no sense. It's that combined with not matching multiple confirmed (paper) relationships and the fact that this individual is matching people from the Middle East at relationship ranges as close as 2nd cousins when there shouldn't be is what is bringing up questions.