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FtDNA found five Nieces and Nephews

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  • FtDNA found five Nieces and Nephews

    I want to thank the Administration and Staff at FtDNA!

    I did the Y37, full MtDNA and turned up some English gentlemen, odd for a Puerto Rican Italian, all Latino, as it were. But thats Ancient Ancestry, and understandable.

    But the Family Finder found many cousins, about a thousand 2nd through 4th.

    The really Earth shattering match was from a Nephew or half brother from a brother I didn't know existed! I thought it had to be a mistake, along with my English distant cousins, but Benny is my Nephew as are his siblings as well.

    Turns out my Father had an American Indian girlfriend while in the Air Force and stationed in The far NorthWest US. Alaska. Guess who got pregnant? She refused to leave her family for him: Indian welfare programs were based on Family size and they were desperately poor.

    Victor Senior completes his service and returns to New York/NJ and all is forgotten, for a time.

    Their child was Phillip Petty. Petty and not Ramos (I'm Victor Ramos y Bonavita) because his mother gave him up for adoption to the Petty Family shortly after his birth.

    Well, Phillip married a nice Irish gal and had five children. Son Benny tested with FtDNA and found Uncle Vic!

    I want to thank FtDNA for Family Finder! It really works! I nor my siblings have any children. Phillip passed on long before I could ever have met him.

    But The Ramos Genes live on through my Brothers children! And being called Uncle Vic fills my heart. Thank you, FtDNA.
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    I guess that is why they call it Family Finder.


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      Thanks for sharing your story. That's wonderful!


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        What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing.


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          Very nice, congratulations!